Cheap Car Hire

We have found a car hire comparison website that is as competitive as any other car rental site we have looked at. This is of particular interest to us for when friends fly into Bordeaux or Bergerac airports. compare prices of 50 car hire firms and when we compared them with over ten other companies or price comparison sites we found nothing to beat them. Several from Bordeaux were over £200 more expensive for a fortnight in August. Car rental is available worldwide! have been mentioned on Radio 2's 'Website of the Day' and many newspapers and publications!

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Gear Zone

We have recently come across the website of which sells over 60 leading brands of outdoor equipment and clothing. Of particular interest to us is 'Wild Country' (see our little green tent, over ten years old!), 'Helly Hansen' waterproofs (if really necessary) and Bolle sunglasses which we have used on the beach and for skiing. There are many other items that we have used during our travels. Gear-Zone runs regular promotions so it is worth checking frequently for up to 25% off leading brands.

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If you're looking for a great cross Channel ferry offer, use P&O's online Best Fare Search to Calais for your car and passengers.

As well as cheap ferry crossing deals on the cross Channel route for next years naturist holiday, you can also find fantastic offers for short breaks and minicruises too.

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