Naturist Shop
The Bottom Line

Welcome to The Naturist Holiday Guide's online naturist shop,
The Bottom Line!

Here we have a collection of excellent merchandise ranging from light hearted tee shirts and aprons, to items that we would never go on holiday without.

Examples of these range from Reef flip flops (we wear them all the time) to Oakley sunglasses. The Oakley's you will see in many of the photographs on our website and we gave them to each other as wedding presents 13 years ago. Excellent quality and first class customer service! We also love Fat Face products!

Our favourite and trusted shopping partners have been selected for high standards of quality, customer service and choice, plus security for online shoppers. Please click on any of the images for a further wide selection of products.

If you are looking for Tan Through clothing or swimwear, please visit our
No Tan Lines store!

Indulge yourself or find that perfect gift for someone special.

Happy Shopping!

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