Big Banana Skiathos

by Tim
(West Midlands)

Last year we visited Skiathos for the 1st time, and it was also the 1st time for many years my wife & I had been on holiday without kids.

Having visited the main town area, we decided to look elsewhere, and thought lets get the bus and see where it takes us.

Having travelled on the bus to Koukounaries, we got off and followed the route, up the hillside, that most of the "normal looking" people seemed to take automatically.

We'd never visited Skiathos before let alone this area, but I had been told that one of the beaches around here was a Nudist Beach.

Climbing the Hill and noting the "Banana Beach" sign I remarked to my wife that this was a Nudist beach. "Look at all the people coming this way" she remarked, "They don't look like the kind of people who would be naturists", and I had to agree.

When we came down the other side of the hill, having now walked for about 15 minutes, people seemed to go in 2 different directions. From the normality of the people going both ways, it was difficult to tell who would be visiting the Nudists beach, so we followed to the larger beach. By this time we had come far too far to go back for no apparent reason.

As we walked onto the lengthy Sandy beach directly in front of us, we noted a more secluded area to the far side past some rocks. The water looked idyllic, and the secluded areas of beaches was something I always went for.

I'd often said in the past, that I wouldn't have a problem on a Nudist beach, but my wife was far more reserved and I found it difficult to imagine what she would think if we ever found ourselves in that position.

It was still relatively early in the morning and only a handful of people were on the best beach we had seen for as long as we could remember. We were struck by how friendly the people were, as they all conversed as they came onto this small patch of beach.

Most looked like they met here every day.

As it looked so ideal we decided to rent a couple of beds and an umbrella.

By this time one or two around had gone topless (which wasn't unusual) but I remarked how I thought that this might be a nudist area. "Don't be silly" she said, "look at the people around you, do they look like the sort of people to take their clothes off". I had to agree. At this time those around were still mainly clothed.

Almost as soon as we had said that, people started to take off all their clothes. I held my breath for her reaction as the realization set in. Next thing I knew people of all ages were undressing on the beach, just enjoying the sunshine, and my reserved wife just looked around and said " if they can do it I don't see why we can't". I was amazed to see her take off her top and then her bottoms, and then lie naked in the sun clearly enjoying the freedom.

I have to say being naked on such a beautiful beach was made all the more invigorating by the experience of walking into a clear blue sea without getting any clothes wet. The people there had to be the friendliest I've ever known (a real community spirit), and after about 4 hours, which included, getting clothed to visit the bar on the main beach, and then willingly returning to the naturist area, we both admitted to having enjoyed our first naturist experience, and that next time we would choose to look for something similar, rather than accidentally finding ourselves in the situation.

We don't know what other (apparently more experienced) naturists thought of our white bodies, but you know what we didn't care, and we don't think they did either.

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Nov 23, 2011
Shy at first.
by: Dunc & Berni

This year (2012) will be our 10th visit to Skiathos and Banana Beaches. On our first visit we stumbled upon the Banana Beaches by accident but we ended up going bare every day of our holiday.

On our first visit I was a bit surprised to see so many nude people of all ages but it was my wife who stripped off first and I soon followed her. I must admit I was a bit shy at first but this lasted just a few minutes and for the rest of our holiday we didnt visit any other beach.

The following year we both agreed that Banana Beach would be our destination and so it was for the next few years. In fact I cannot understand why I was so shy. We can both stroll around all day nude and chat with other without any problems.

Now we our looking forward to our next holiday and you can guess where we are going.

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