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Considering Naxos for your next naturist holiday to Greece?

We are very grateful to our friends Daniel and Hervé from Belgium who have sent us the following concise report of the island.

I would like to share my love for this Greek island, Naxos.

I had known Greece since 1979 (you can read my presentation below) but in 2010, my partner and I have decided to visit 2 different Cycladic islands every summer.

After the unmissable Santorini and Mykonos (beautiful but expensive and really much too crowded), we visited Andros, Folegandros, Paros, etc. ... ... and in 2017, Naxos ... which radically changed our program. Yes, we totally fell in love with this island.

Since then, we have been returning there every year after visiting a first other island.

Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades islands, very easy to access (by plane or boat from Athens), with archaeological sites, museums, beautiful beaches, impressive relief (Mount Zeus), typical villages, sports clubs, water sports, trekking, excellent traditional cuisine, local crafts ... and, of course, the legendary Greek hospitality !

There are very different naturist beaches on the West Coast, here are our 3 favorites:

Aghia Anna, Naxos, the most "family".

Daniel, Aghia Anna beach (Naxos 2019) : Daniel, walking from Aghia Anna beach to Maragas beach Daniel, Little cove, Aghia Anna beach (Naxos 2021 : Daniel, Aghia Anna beach (Naxos 2021)

Bus from the Chora, Aghia Anna stop (12 min), then walk towards the small church at the top of the rocks, pass in front of a shark-shaped rock, and further, go down to the sea.

There is first a little nudist cove and then a larger sandy beach just after, with a nudist "family" part and another "gay friendly", the 2 in perfect harmony. Cafes, bars, restaurants, shops nearby. It is beautiful, with an adjoining natural park.

Daniel, Aghia Anna beach (Naxos 2018) : Daniel, sunset on Aghia Anna beach (Naxos 2019) Daniel, sunset on Aghia Anna beach (Naxos 2019) Daniel, Aghia Anna beach (Naxos 2019)

The naturist beach extends to the Paradiso restaurant (Maragas beach), which you can reach by walking on a wooden pontoon.

The colors become really extraordinary from the start of the sunset.

After sunbathing and swimming, be sure to relax with a drink under the huge Tamarisk tree, at the Paradiso Tavern in Maragas beach.

Plaka, Naxos, the largest.

By bus (from port, Chora) get off at the "3 brothers" stop (15 min) and just on the seaside, a 4 km expanse of fine white sand, dunes, calm turquoise water, clear sea with almost no waves, not too many people, nudists are mostly in its southern part.

Lots of bars along the road behind the beach, some of which bring you your drinks and snacks right on the beach. The far southern part of which is also known as Orkos Beach. Nudists are far more spread out on the south end of the beach than on the north end.

Our favorite bar/restaurant, Aronis taverna, is ideal for admiring the fantastic sunset after an afternoon on the sand.

Aliko, Kedros, Naxos, the wildest.

This is our favorite. Bus from Chora to Aliko (25 min).

Fine sand dunes, rocks, beautiful cedar forest at the back which has been declared a nature reserve. Magnificent. Few people, the best beach for those looking for wild nature, peace and quiet, even in high season.

Please note: NO shade at all, NO infrastructure so bring your parasol, drinks, but on the road, after the bus stop (at the Hawaii beach / Kedros beach crossroads), there is an extraordinary food truck (the FBI s.a.), a team of dynamic young people offering fantastic tacos, original burgers, everything is organic and homemade.

You can find the nudist part of the beach on Google Maps under the name Kedros Naturist.

Our best nudist beach in Naxos: Kedros beach (Aliko)
Aliko is located just 20 km from the Chora. It’s divided into several beaches: Aliko, Micro Aliko, Hawaii and Kedros which is the naturist part of the beach.

After the bus stop (from Port to Aliko : 25 min), ride the road that leads to Hawaii beach / Kedros beach crossroads.
At the Food truck (the FBI sa), go to the right, above the beach, you’ll see a unique cedar forest with massive sand dunes. This forest, creating the exotic landscape and the natural shade for the tourists, has been advertised as the protected natural area.

Due to the fact that Aliko is a shoreline of secluded bays, winds and sea storms occur here extremely rarely.

Daniel, Kedros / Aliko beach (Naxos 2021) Hervé, Kedros beach (Naxos 2021)  Daniel, Kedros beach (Naxos 2017)

So, here is Kedros beach. …
Fine sand, dunes, rocks, deserted. It's really very uncrowded, mostly couples and families, it is relaxed, calm and secluded.
Certainly the best beach for those looking for wild nature, peace and quiet, even in high season.
Don’t forget: NO shade at all, NO infrastructure, so bring your parasol, beverages.

The nearest tavern is in Pyrgaki (the settlement just behind Aliko).

Warning: check the bus timetable for the return trip!

Daniel, Kedros beach (Naxos 2021) Daniel, Kedros beach (Naxos 2021)  Daniel, Kedros beach (Naxos 2018)

We have been visiting Naxos for years and return to this beautiful wild beach every time.

The sunset is fantastic over the sea and the rocks.

You can find the nudist part of the beach on Google Maps under the name Kedros Naturist.

Once again, many thanks to Daniel and Hervé for this information on Naxos.

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