Cote Sauvage, France

by George

The shock of the nude wore off rather quickly on our first holiday abroad.
It was the mid seventies and our first visit to France, near Royan. I drove for a couple of days solid, and on the third day we arrived mid day at our camp site. Too early to go in, we went off to the beach close by.

It was wide, beautiful, hot and empty (we found that the French go to the beach later in the day). We found a nice little spot to park ourselves. Despite no one around we changed under the modest cover of some rather large flowery bath towels. She in bikini and I in trunks.
She lay and read a book. I was unable to relax after the long drive and sat upright like a bear with a sore head.

A couple walked along the beach. They looked very chic in fashionable cheesecloth shirt and cut-off jeans. They looked at us. I nodded, but they looked straight through us. They parked themselves about twenty yards away. This irked me as there were acres to choose from!

The woman took her shirt off. She was topless but faced away from me. I expected a bikini to be put on, but she turned round and promptly took her shorts off to reveal everything, as if she was in her own bathroom. The man did the same. Completely naked, they folded their clothes, examined each others tan and wandered off for a swim.

Unexpected, I thought that bared breasts, let alone nudity, was a south of France thing. I had stopped breathing. The next exhale was audible! I turned to Cynth. Her top was off! "Very warm!", she declared. Despite the shock I thought "Okay!". A few more nudists passed. She stood up and said "swim?". I looked up; completely naked! It took me a few moments, but I knew what was needed. I removed my trunks and we ran to the sea and back again.

(When Cynth booked the holiday, she mentioned taking clothes off, but I had not listened or disbelieved.)
It felt fabulous, and we laughed and smiled, ...and relaxed. Bikini, trunks and tan lines never appeared again. (Not until our kids came along and reached a certain age! but that is another story)

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Nov 26, 2010
by: Anonymous


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