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We are pleased to tell you that we have linked up with Eurocampings who, in conjunction with ASCI, is one of Europe's leading camp site specialists.

They have an overview of 8600 campsites throughout Europe, and we have narrowed this down to the 12 countries that have totally naturist campsites.

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These campsite guides are unique in that all camp sites included are visited every year by an ACSI inspector. ACSI does not award ratings to camp sites, it just gives objective information and quality standards.

Campers themselves can rate the sites because only they know which amenities they require and what they consider to be a good camp site. In other words, you can click on a campsite and see how other naturist campers have rated it!

There are far too many naturist campsites to list individually, so we have broken the list down to the twelve countries throughout Europe that are overviewed. Just click on the country of interest and follow the 'naturist' links.

El Porto, Spain Austria

Six campsites, one in Styria and five in Carinthia.


Four campsites in Andalusia, Catalonia and Murcia.


One campsite in Brabant.



One campsite at Heiderscheid.


Thirty nine campsites in fifteen different Departments.


Four campsites in different regions.

Pizzo Greco Denmark

One campsite in South Jutland County.


Two campsites, one in Calabria and one in Piedmont.


One campsite in Cornwall and one in Norfolk.



Four campsites in Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.


Nine campsites, three in Primorje-Gorski Kotar and six in Istria.


Two campsites, one in Drenthe and one in Flevoland.

In other words, your camping holiday could well begin with Eurocampings ! Europe’s most visited camping website will search for your holiday destination as quick as lightning, list all the information about camp sites, and plan your outward journey using the integrated route planner.

If you would like to look at the full overview of the 8600 campsites, including those which are partly naturist, visit the Eurocampings website!

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