by Jason sheppard
(the south west)

This was the our first naturist holiday. Up to this point we had not even gone nude on a beach.
We arrived late at Euronat - no one was in sight so we set up our tent and got our heads down.

In the morning my nerves were getting the best of me. What the hell were we doing?! After a short lay in I thought I would just go for it so I got up and went for it. I had to leave the tent to set up my gas hob so I walked out into the world for the first time ever in my best birthday suit.

About 30 mins later my wife joined me. She was amazed that I just went for it as she thought I would chicken out. We then decided to brave a walk to the pool, so we got our daughter up, (only 8 months old), packed her little swimmers and went for our first ever nude walk. On route people were going about their morning routine - a few said hello and by the time we got to the pool I had forgotten about the fact that I had no clothes on. As for swimming, it is so much easier when you have a little one as there is no farting around in different changing rooms so we could help each other with Jaz.

The rest of the holiday went well. I could go on for hours about it! The reason we have decided to follow this life style is because both my wife and myself had prude childhoods. My wife's up bringing was so strict that she was not even allowed to have a mirror in her room! And in this age of the body perfect I wanted my daughter to grow up and understand that everyone is different and that all the girls in the mags, TV and media are not the norm, and we both feel that naturism offers us the best way to make sure she grows up to be happy with her self.

Any way since the holiday have decided to go to Alton towers for the BN weekend this November. We look forward to maybe seeing you there.

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