Famous and Naturist!

How many famous naturists from history do you know? Can you name any celebrities that promote naturism? Since just how long have well-known people revealed that they like to go naked?

Plato Let's go right back in time and start with two Greek classics, Thucydides and Plato. Thucydides argued that nudism elevated the Greeks above the fur-clad barbarians! A good start to famous people promoting nudism! Photo courtesy of Soham Pablo

Many American presidents have been known to practise naturism.

American President John Quincy Adams

President John Quincy Adams was a regular skinny-dipper. According to reports, "each morning he got up before dawn, walked across the White House lawn to the Potomac River, took off his clothes and swam in the nude. Then he returned to the White House to have breakfast, read the Bible and run the country."

Theodore Roosevelt, John F Kennedy, Benjamin Franklin, Lyndon Baines Johnson and Richard Nixon are amongst other presidents that have been known to make nudity a part of their lives - even allegedly holding meetings whilst naked!

Photo courtesy of Cliff1066

What about famous scientists? Charles F. Richter, the co-inventor of the earthquake measuring system, was a life-long naturist and Alexander Graham Bell was a skinny-dipper and nude sunbather.

In the literary and arts world we have the late author Dr. Seuss who published approval of a nudist philosophy in one of his first books, and Pablo Picasso who declared, "I have always admired naked people!"

Now onto the modern times and our present day celebrities.

Cameron Diaz First there is Cameron Diaz, who strips at the beach, and who also lives naked most of the time. Then there is Nicole Kidman who also likes to be nude in all her homes, especially in Australia. Christy Brinkley openly admits to frequenting nude beaches and Christiana Aguilara sunbathes nude whenever at a beach! Uma Thurman has been snapped at the seaside having a great time being naturist in the waves!
Photo courtesy of Sheksays

Kevin Bacon confessed in Style magazine that he likes to cut a little footloose at home with his family every now and then -- naked. "Not when the nanny is around," he said. "But I will with my wife and kids." Why? "There's something therapeutic about nudity ... Take away the Gucci or Levi's and we're all the same."

And asked if he enjoyed starring as the half-naked Greek demi-god Achilles in the epic film "Troy" (2004), Brad Pitt said: "I'm naked all the time at home." The singer Robbie Williams has been quoted as saying "I enjoy nakedness. I am a bit of a naturist at heart." Johnny Depp skinny dips on his island, and there's Justin Timberlake who sunbathes nude when he can.

Photo courtesy of Cliff1066

And so the list goes on and on and on......! So many celebrities enjoy and promote naturism. No doubt there are many more famous 'would be' naturists were it not for the fact that they are so easily recognisable!!

Let us know if you hear of any other famous naturists!

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