by Howard

I cannot remember the exact date but it was about twenty years ago when we bared all in public for the first time. We had decided to go on a camping holiday in the Dordogne region of France. The area certainly has its beautiful scenery, but we still did not like it very much. It felt claustrophobic, the locals were not very friendly and it rained. So we decided to go down to the coast.

The nearest way was through Bordeaux and onto the Medoc. We arrived late afternoon and chose a campsite almost at random. After pitching the tent and cooking a meal it was too late to do anything else and we went to bed.

We had pitched our tent near the beach and the next morning having had breakfast we put our things in the beach bag and set off for a day in the sun. My wife has gone topless since the mid seventies and doesn?t like wearing a top if she can avoid it. Going onto the beach we found almost all the women were in one piece costumes, so we decided to walk along to find a less crowded spot. As we went the costumes got briefer and eventually topless. We continued a little further to find a place with a bit of room and we noticed that a number of people were not only topless but fully naked. Looking further along the beach we could see that almost everybody was.

We put down our beach mats, unpacked the sun cream and put it on. My wife then lay down on her back and closed her eyes to do a bit of sunbathing. I had always wanted to try sunbathing nude, but she was not keen so we had never visited a naturist beach. Glancing around I thought there were enough other naked people, so laying on my back I pushed down my somewhat brief swimming trunks and kicked them off.

Twenty minutes or so later my wife sat up to turn over and tan her back. She looked at me, shrugged, said ?OK? and lay down again. Another twenty or thirty minutes later we were feeling a bit warm and decided to go in the water. I saw little point in putting on trunks so stood up and went as I was. Only a few yards but even so I still felt a bit self-conscious.

The Atlantic waves often make it difficult to swim on that coast so we just jumped over them and splashed around. Although the beach was beautifully sandy, just below the water line there was a band of shingle or very small pebbles. The waves were stirring these up and deposited them in my wife?s bikini bottom and the weight tended to pull it off. She tried to get them out by pulling a leg aside or the front down but this only reduced the problem for a short time. After doing this three or four times she gave up and saying ?Oh well? took it off and threw it onto the beach. We both walked naked back to our mats and she didn?t want to put the wet and sandy bottom back on so we spent the rest of the day getting an all over tan. The swimming costumes were never used again for the rest of the holiday.

We have been to quite a few naturist beaches since, in the Greek Islands, Furtaventura and France where we now live. In February of this year we went to New Zealand for a month. Didn?t find any naturist beaches unfortunately.

But during the summer we realized that from February to summer next year is a long time. However that was not a cheap trip and we did not want to spend a great deal more. I looked on the internet to see what was available and the best offer was a long weekend at CHM Montalivet. I was surprised when my wife said OK since she had always been against going to a naturist centre before. Her attitude had been that going to a beach stripping off walking, swimming and sun bathing then getting dressed and going home again was one thing, but to live most of the time even go shopping naked was a very different matter. We went at the beginning of September and we really enjoyed it, especially the water park.

My wife even enjoyed it enough to talk about the next time we go. So after almost twenty years and at the ages of 68 and 67 years, another first.

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