My name is Sham De Costa from Sri Lanka and I would like to share my first time experience as a nudist with you.
I was first graduated from Sri Lankan University and I did my secondary higher studies in London where I got to know about nudist life style in the UK and European culture through my college friends.

To be honest with you I do have a really good respective understanding about human beings that I always want to respect humanity.

I do not consider whether we are from any nation , race, gender , religion when I meet a friend. My understanding about the world is finally we all are just human beings.

UK was my first experienced country where I saw how people respect each other and I feel it was the success of their culture.

Even though my first experience as a nudist in England happened without knowing that I was going to such a place but, finally it become my most exciting and interesting hobby in my life.. Hope you will take time to listen how it happened.

One day I was invited by college friends to go for a two days vacation where there is a nice beach, and the forest, far away from London. Since it was our college vacation I too joined with the team. The team consisted with three couples (One couple was Sri Lankan and the others from Spain) and another eight people from different countries. When we got the male and female count it was 7 females and 8 males.

We took a train to the place where we wanted to stay two nights .

Before evening we reached the hotel which was near by a very natural jungle and a beach. On our way to the room I was excited seeing some guests who were not wearing any clothes swimming in the pool and relaxing by the lounge.

There were about thirty couples who had no clothes and were just walking towards the beach.

I was bit excited since it was my first time I saw hundreds of males and females just relaxing with out even thinking about clothes. I asked my friends what type of a place it was.. My friends replied this hotel, beach and the jungle is in a area where nudism is legally allowed by the government and any body who visits these places can stay without wearing any clothes. Also they said there are thousands of places around the globe which are legally allowed for those people who want to have different kinds of experiences in nudism.

Then I was thinking that wasn't it an exciting experience when some one come first to the this type of place…

While I was removing my clothes I had a feeling if I can be naked in front of these Sri Lankan friends how it would be....

Even though my door was open I was thinking to be a nudist just for a while. Then I removed all my clothes and I too joined to the nudist world..

But it was not the correct feeling being clothes free only inside the room alone.

I was looking around the balcony and I saw lot of guests playing games such as Wally balls, Tennis and some were relaxing and excitingly all were naked. After few minutes I totally forgot that I was naked and I did not see someone entering my room. I too wanted to go out side with out clothes and join with them to play games…

Suddenly I saw a girl friend of my friends who was in a neighbouring room came to my room asking something. I quickly got my towel and covered my beneath area and I turned to her and then only saw she was not wearing anything and I was shocked looking at her in a way like this. But she behaved very naturally and she smiled at me and said not to be afraid and just consider it as a natural way of understanding each other.

She began to talk while sitting on my bed.
First she asked "Have you ever had a nudist vacation like this" ?

I said " No, but I have some experience as a nudist when I was in my university hostel. There we always used to have nude baths and sometimes we did study naked in the hostel rooms. Sometimes when we often went to swim in the rivers we used to swim without clothes… But this is the first time I saw such a big nude crowed in one place…"

Then she asked whether I have been naked in front of girls and I said yes, but only with my wife…

Again she asked " Would you like to experience the freedom of clothes free body with us until we finish our vacation…? Because now we are going to the beach and there you will have to remove all your clothes and join with us.. and tomorrow we will have a nude jungle walk, playing games, swimming and even lunch ".

I replied yes " I will but not now.."

But she wanted me to be naked and I was anxiously waiting to be naked in front of others.

Then she asked "Why don't you remove your towel now and join with us".

Even though I wanted to do so I wanted to wait and see how the others behaved…

Then she ran to another room and came with the Spainish friends who were almost nude and started being naked while removing their clothes..

Finally others also joined with us after changing clothes.

Soon after the welcome drink we wanted to go to the beach which was just a ten minute walk from the hotel. Our team was wearing only swimming costumes.On our way to the beach we met lots of guests who were just walking up and down naked and they welcomed us with a pleasant handshake .

My friends who came to the beach then started removing their swimming costumes and finally they all became fully naked.

I was the only man wearing a swimming costume and I was just thinking of finding a way to remove it in front of my female friends.

But my Sri Lankan couple who were already naked came close to me and said not to be shy since they all were very understanding about each other and they said there is nothing in our bodies to hide from others.

Finally I too joined with them removing my under pants and it was my unforgettable minute in my life.

Before removing my underpants I had a doubt if my penis get erected - how can I face my friends? Luckily it was only for a minute and I was feeling that it was the real pleasure I had ever faced in my life..

We wanted to go far away from the hotel but had a problem with looking after our clothes so we all went back to the hotel and left all towels and underwear and ran towards the beach without having any thing…

We walked far and far from the hotel and we all become very close to each other since we all were naked and we were sharing our experience.

The following day we had a nude walk through the jungle by wearing only shoes.

We climbed up to a small hill and it was a very natural and relaxing feeling when we live in such a place without even thinking about clothes….It was the way we are created and if we all can respect each other by having such a respect I feel that this world can become a peaceful world.

No more wars and fighting against each other we all can share what we have and it will be the part of heaven.

Photographs have caused serious culture damage and specially the younger age generation has become more and more arrogant because of sexual connections…Hope we all can at least contribute to stop these violations if all can understand the freedom of nudism. That was my understanding thought out that trip..

In the afternoon we had a nude swimming in the pool with hundreds guests and had our lunch too…

This is how I became nudist and in my life in England and after that I got many chances to visit many nudist locations and then it became a part of my life…

After starting the experience of clothes free lifestyle I feel my self it is more relaxing and spiritual since we learn to respect each others naked body in a natural way. I am always nude at home and every time I get the chance I walk naked in my home garden.

In England there are plenty of places where we can experience the freedom of a clothes free body. Now I believe that Nudism is a very relaxing experience and if we can spend a day with our best friends at least a day it will react positively to our life style.

We always preferred to go to Rio's Nudist SPA which is in central London and Eureka which is one of the best nudist resorts in KENT for those who want to spend a clothes free vacation.

Hope you enjoyed listening to my story.

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Apr 06, 2011
Proud of u
by: Closet_n

Hi sham as a fellow sri lankan im proud of & my wife r closet nudists here...v would like to get in touch with u is our email address

Mar 06, 2011
Lovely story
by: Anonymous

hi sham i too am from sri lanka & enjoyed your story...would like to get in touch with u...let me know your email plz.thanks & regards

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