In the neighborhood hot tub

by Kenny

Well, I was around 11 or 12 and my mom started taking me to the neighborhood pool every few days so I could swim and make friends (we just moved).

It turns out that very few kids my age lived in the area so I rarely saw anyone to play with. I began a ritual, swim in pool then go to the hot tub as the sun set before I dry off and go home. One day my mom was talking to a neighbor who was also at the pool so as the time came to go to the hot tub, I went by myself.

The hot tub was indoors seperated from the outside by a sliding glass door. When I got in, I turned on the jets, and for some reason thought it would be funny to see if my mom could notice if my trunks were off. I slid my trunks off as my mom sat on a bench near the hot tub (she never swims). It felt GREAT, and she didnt notice, and I slipped my trunks back on as I turned the jets off and got out.

I did this every time I went into the hot tub and nobody else was around. I did it for months, until one day I accidentally stood up with my trunks off. I didnt jump, I acted natural as I had already thought up a line to give her. My mom asked "Kenny, where are your trunks?" and I explained that I had heard on tv that your supossed to be naked in a hot tub. She said that was not true, and that you should only be naked in a private hot tub.

It was too late to nip love of nudity in the bud, and from then on I experimented with being naked going to and from the shower to my room, or dressing with the door open etc. My parents tolerated it, but never outright told me it was ok to be naked in the house.

Im 17 now and still strip down every chance I get, infact during the time I was typing this my mom came in with hot tea for me while I was "cooling off from a shower" in the nude on my bed.

may the sun always warm your skin, Ken

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