For a Naturist Holiday with a Difference
Visit Kroktrask, Sweden.

Come to Jon's place at Krokträsk in Sweden if you are looking for warm hospitality, tranquility and inspiring landscapes. Here you will find the time to unwind and re-energise amidst the wonders of Scandinavian nature. Full board, beautiful surroundings, floating sauna AND massage included!

Jon is an Englishman who was looking for a home, as well as a naturist retreat, in Scandinavia for some 3 years. His search ended when he found this particular property in the small settlement of Krokträsk.


Kroktrask in winter


(and a soothing massage with it! What more could you want?)

Fed up with grey skies and damp weather at Christmas while all the greeting cards show idyllic snow-decked scenes?

Why not experience the real thing from the comfort of a naturist household? At Jon's place, we're not going to pretend that you can run round naked outside in the middle of winter! BUT... the beautiful snow-covered pine trees and frozen lake are a beautifulscene in the winter and a perfect setting to have your white christmas in a nude environment INdoors.

Day and night, the beauty is stunning especially with the full moon reflecting off the snow. You can often walk around outside without a torch.

INSPIRATION : Not only Jon has found this place an inspiration. Writers and / or musicians, painters and artists love the environment here. Listen to one of Jon's own musical creations at and click to listen to "Goddess Moon" inspired by the night time dreamscape seen from the main bedroom window.

WINTER PACKAGE A : includes 4 nights Full Board, 2 massages per person, pick up and return to Umeå or Lycksele airport, Use of the sauna. £200 per couple / £140 per single

WINTER PACKAGE B : includes 6 nights Full Board, 3 massages per person, pick up and return to Umeå or Lycksele airport, use of the sauna. £300 per couple / £195 per single

If you have any questions regarding this 'WINTER PACKAGE' please fill in the form at the bottom of this page and send it straight to Jon!

Kroktrask garden

Here are Jon's own words :

"I just knew instantly that I was going to live here. The way circumstances had played out, I had known that I was close to finding something and I knew immediately on arrival at Krokträsk that this was the place. I have a lot of respect for the theory that says it is often the place that chooses us, rather than the other way round. But, regardless of whether that's true or not, I had decided to buy the place even before stepping foot inside the house.

View from house at Kroktrask There is something special here.... very beautiful and I'm not just talking about the view. That's very pretty of course... but there's something much deeper than that. Nearly every visitor who has been to Krokträsk has commented on a certain feeling just from being here. Sometimes they simply feel relaxed (which is great!) But others experience an even greater sense of calm that comes over them.

Woods and lake at Kroktrask

I remember one visitor in particular. A lovely young woman from Buryata, the autonomous region of Russia bordering Mongolia. She commented that there was a very positive energy to the place. With her shamanic background I wasn't surprised that she had sensed it and probably to a deeper level than many westerners. But I also sense the energy here.

It's not always easy to live at Krokträsk. The winter can be tough, let's be honest. We're only 140m miles or so south of the arctic circle. The first 2 winters were a real learning curve but I'm getting the hang of it now!

For this reason, I'm thinking that I would like to open Krokträsk for visits all year round. In Southwestern Europe, particularly the UK, winters are a dreary miserable affair. Not so here. With snow varying from 1 foot to about 4 feet deep and hanging off the trees, shining in the fantastic winter sun, it really is breathtakingly beautiful. That sounds Like a cliché but it's the truth.

House in winter

The joys of naturism in the summer are obvious. Here there are no neighbours within 4 miles (there is a house next door but they live in the city and only come here about 3 times a year). I have approx 68 acres, comprising, garden, lake and forest but it's not a problem to wander into the neighbours' part of the forest so in fact the area is much bigger.

At first I thought of just the summer as naturists obviously want to be outside but then I realised that I can offer an indoor naturist environment in the winter too. There must be lots of people who would in fact like to experience a true winter rather than the dreary grey skies of Britain. The scenery in winter here at Krokträsk provides fantastic photo opportunities and the cold crisp air in fact is not only cleansing and refreshing but also rather inspiring as I can vouch for myself, being a musician and composer..... yes, naturist musicians especially welcome!
Red sky But in fact all are welcome... all who love nature and want to feel close to it again, all who are searching for that contact with things other than the superficial, a chance to feel isolated from the rat race, all who are seeking to explore their spirituality, to find themselves.

Apart from being a musician, I'm also a qualified masseur and therapist. The week-stay package here includes 3 naturist massages per person. I don't book times for people to talk, despite my therapist qualification, NEITHER do I sit analysing people! I do like to think though that the time spent here will be 'therapeutic' in the sense that here one can feel very close to Mother Earth and through natural, everyday conversation with the people here, visitors can go home feeling refreshed and revitalized with a new energy about them and having thrown away a whole heap of stress!"

garden and dog at Kroktrask

Accommodation at Krokträsk:

In the house: There are 2 double bedrooms and a WC upstairs. Downstairs there is a comfortable lounge, kitchen/diner and shower and WC.

Camping : There are pitches for tents in the garden. At present, those with tents would come into the house for the shower and toilet.

Camper vans : There is some space for a small number of campers.

Tariffs :

  • 7 nights in the house:

    All meals included
    3 massages per person
    pick up and return to Umeå or Lycksele airport

    Couples £650 (per couple)
    Singles £450

  • Camping with tent:

    7 night package sleeping outside but otherwise as the in-house package

    Couples £590 (per couple)
    Singles £380

  • Simple camping :

    (Meals purchased individually as required)

    Tent with 2 people £30 per night
    Tent with 1 person £15 per night

  • Indiviual massage £45 per hour

View at Kroktrask

The place is wonderfully tranquil and you may not want to move very far! However there are some activities that can be arranged for those who crave a little excitement.

  • White-water rafting with an established adventure company.

  • Fishing (which can be done naked by the lakes on Jon's land or clothed by the river)

  • Cycling - on roads (also clothed) but if you just like to wander through the forest then naked!

  • Walking - there is a hill across the road which can feasibly be walked up naked though it's best to be dressed while crossing the road to it. The view from the top is quite breathtaking.

    Last but by no means least is the fantastic floating sauna!!

    Kroktrask sauna

    Yes, there is a floating Sauna on Jon's part of the lake. What a bonus this is....and it is available for anyone to use whilst staying there!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Isn't Northern Scandinavia cold even in Summer?

    No. It isn't as hot as Spain or such countries but it can feel as warm even when it's only 22 Celsius. Even in single figure temperatures ( such as in April) I can walk around outside with only light clothing.

    What about the mosquitoes?

    Nobody likes them or blackfly but their numbers can vary greatly. Last year we had almost no blackfly and very few mosquitoes and anyway they don't tend to be here the whole summer. Sprays against them work very well and can be bought locally if need be.

    Do you have a behaviour code?

    Yes. Basically, respect the feelings and wishes of anyone who may be here at the same time as you. The goal of this place is to allow people to feel free to say what they want or need to and to explore spirituality. There are many varied ways of doing this. I just ask that everyone remembers that freedom doesn't relinquish us of responsibility or the need to respect one another. Racism, bigotry and religious intolerance, for example, are definitely not welcome here. But my guess is that those who have read this far are not those kinds of people anyway! :-)

    Are non-naturists welcome?

    Yes and no. Obviously it would be awkward to allow naturists and non-naturists to be at Krokträsk at the same time and this will be made clear at the time of booking. In principle, non-naturists are welcome, but on different weeks.

    What about Children?

    I've considered this carefully. For the time being at least I think I must say it's for grown ups only. Many reasons for this. The first is actually for the kids' sake. "Chilling out" is actually not what most kids want on a holiday! There is the white water rafting for example but there is a minimum age on that too. For the adults' sake, I stand to be corrected but I'm guessing that many who come here might find kids running around (as charming and delightful as that can be) not conducive to their stress-busting. That's as it stands now but I will listen to feedback.Personally, when I've seen a whole family naked together on a beach I think it's marvelous and rather beautiful but there may be some who are not yet comfortable being naked around other people's kids.

    Is Krokträsk actually a hotel?

    No. What you will experience here is living in a house in a Swedish forest. Krokträsk is my home. You will enjoy the stunning scenery and fantastic tranquility. You will also enjoy my (and my girlfriend's if she's here at the time) hospitality. I don't pretend to offer the luxury that a posh hotel can offer. The house is clean and comfortable and "normal". I actually don't want a pristine, clinically polished hotel. Those of you who come here are looking for real life, real people, good conversation, personal exploration, a chance to be close to nature etc. Numbers therefore are limited to a fair degree but I believe this only adds to the personal atmosphere.

    What if we want to go off driving around the area?

    That's fine. To be safe, if you don't think you can just sit and chill for a week (or 2) car hire is available from Ume airport. If you should wish too suddenly hire a car for a day I can't guarantee it but in principle I can arrange a car hire locally, depending on availability at the time.

    If you have any further questions for Jon, or would like to find out about availability at Krokträsk, please use the form below to send your enquiries.

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