Playa Medeo La Gomera Canaries

by Anthony

We have been to many nudist beaches in the past but we have never dared to join them apart from my wife going topless. This she could not or should I say was not allowed to do by the children who were absolutely disgusted by the very idea of it although they had no worries about the completely naked people around them.
I can remember a time on Fuerteventura when my son was changing on the beach with a towel around him and everyone else was walking by completely naked.
I have always enjoyed the complete sensual freedom of being naked in the hot sunshine and usually swim in our pool or lay in the sun to relax.
When we were both on holiday in La Gomera we went to a beach that sounded good for snorkeling.
After finding a suitable place we decided to get our masks and flippers on and explore the ocean currents with bread in hand to encourage the fish. My wife then handed me my bathing trunks. I noticed a couple of naked bathers and thought, Oh what the hell, and wandered off into the lovely blue water with flippers and mask only. (much to the amusement of my wife) I enjoyed it so much that we went off to Playa Ingles twice and back to this beach on another two occasions.
My wife still has not gone completely naked yet on the beach but I think I can work on it.

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