St Aygulf, (near Frejus), Var, France

by Julie Jones
(Oxford, UK)

Our first time was last year at St. Aygulf near Frejus in France. I never thought I would ever do it and my husband definitely would never approve.

We have been caravaning with friends Al and Eli (see Grand Plage Royan) for years. My best friend, Eli, told us about how they go to nude beaches and stay on naturist campsites and she had been teasing my husband Nigel about getting him naked sometime. Nigel always said he would be okay about it but could not let others look at me naked and anyway what if our daughter found out about it. I was scared as I thought I was too big and fat at 105kg to strip off in public.

We had planned a holiday together with our friends as we had not been to the Var region of France before. They had, and we stayed at a textile campsite, as they called it, with two beaches they nude and one normal. We could then choose which one, and do some sightseeing in the nearby gorges together.

On the way down we stopped off in Provence and Eli was teasing Nigel again and he gave the usual excuse about our daughter. We discussed how she had been on holiday to Cap D'Adge this year with her boyfriend and they had seen naturists on the beach and on hotel balconies. Then Al pointed out to us that they must have gone to the naturist area as some of the things they did or saw could only be seen or done there. He also told us that as our daughter worked for him as a student he had heard she liked to be naughtier than we had thought. I was taken aback and Nigel was not very happy. Later that evening he wanted to phone her and confront her but I persuaded him not to. She is getting married soon and it is 'her life'.

Next day we arrived at the campsite. It is right by the beach - only about 400 metres walk. We found two pitches side by side and we set up our caravans. The guys were opening a beer and we started talking about the beach ...again...anyway Eli teased again saying if our daughter did it so could we and Nigel just said it was up to me and I wouldn't...I was so annoyed. The guys decided to put up awnings and BBQs and stuff and Eli said to me to come on and get a towel - we could go to the beach for an hour while this lot sorted things out.

Well I got my swimsuit and stuff and we went off to the beach...straight down the path onto the naturist section...there were naked bodies all around of all kinds...just by some people who were kite surfing. Then Eli announced she just had a towel and she was going here...stripped off and laid was up to me what I did. I put my towel down and sat down starting to undress and put my costume on...but as I got my clothes off and was trying to wriggle out of my shorts I just thought...I might as well just stay naked I put my clothes in my bag and laid down by Eli.

After about five minutes we started chatting and I felt confident enough to sit up and look around. There were a lot of older couples and two local ladies near us but Eli said it was because it was late September, apparently earlier in the summer and at weekends it is a more normal mix. We stayed for two hours and went back to the caravans...the guys were watching motor racing on TV and drinking beer...Eli whispered to Al and Nigel asked me how the beach was ...I just said it was fine...then, I could not believe it, Al smiled and winked at me, I nearly died.

The following day we went shopping and Al and Nigel were off drinking in the cafe. We met later and the four of us had coffee and agreed to hit the beach in the afternoon after an early lunch. Eli said to Nigel, make sure you put sun cream all over you will need it, so on the way back Nigel asked more about the beach and had I seen the nudists...I then told him I had and we had sunbathed nude as both Eli and I had forgotten our costumes...he never said a word after that.

We met them for lunch and more beer for the guys which I was worried about. Anyway we headed for the beach together and I could not believe it! Led by Eli we all headed straight for the same part of the beach and Al said it was up to us what we did, but we all stopped near the edge of the nude part and set up shelters and mats. Then Eli was naked and walking about....Nigel was staring at her I was down to bikini bottoms and looking to see what Al and Nigel were going to do...Al just dropped his shorts and threw them down and went to get some magazines out of a bag. Eli asked if we were all going for a swim and Al said 'yeh lets go skinny dipping'...Nigel was stuttering and stammering about something so I just took bottoms off and ran to catch up Eli. Al was close behind...Nigel after being stranded on the beach with clothes on had to strip off and catch up. When he got to the water Eli called to him...'I know it has taken 15 years but I told you I would get you naked'. Al and I were giggling like teenagers as we swam out.

So that is how I did really is not that bad and I do not care what people think of me doing it now...Nigel told me later he could not believe we did that and we better not tell our daughter. Well we went a few times last year to the beach. Some with Al and Eli and some on our own. We have been back this year to Spain with our friends and did go once with them to the beach but we went on our own too. I think we will continue to do so when we can from now on. It is so relaxing and so much less hassle than wearing wet swimmers. Thanks to our friend's patience and cajoling they did get us naked...and it is so fulfilling...for me anyway.

By the way Al told me about this site and suggested I read their story and post ours here.

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Apr 25, 2011
Great story
by: Anonymous

Great story!

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