St Brides naturist B&B

by Charlie.
(Cheshire, England.)

The owners of St Brides, Tom and Elizabeth Carroll, are now retired, so they are not advertising for further business.
I hope a short description of my visits to St Brides will encourage others who have been thinking of visiting a naturist B&B or guest house to give it a try.

I found the address on the internet, and so I decided to combine a cycling holiday with a visit to a naturist B&B.
St Brides is located in South West Scotland, so a stay there was a convenient break in my journey further north into Scotland to visit relatives. I am a keen cyclist so the bike gets packed in my car.
An email and a chat on the phone and arrangements were made for a short stay.

On arrival I was not sure what to expect. I was welcomed by Tom and Elizabeth both dressed normally, they showed me my room and around the house. I was then invited to have tea and biscuits in the lounge. Later Tom left the room and returned naked, I excused myself and went to my room, undressed and returned to the lounge and had another cup of tea. I thought what was all that anxiety and nail biting about?
It was nice to go for a walk in the garden naked without having to make sure there was nobody around as I have to do at home. Later I enjoyed an excellent meal and a pleasant evening with Tom and Elizabeth.

Next morning after breakfast I prepared my bike and reluctantly dressed in cycling clothes and went off exploring strange roads. After a pub lunch and some more miles I returned to St Brides and quickly got rid of the cycling clothes and sat out in the sunshine. On one or two occasions more guests arrived, all were good company during the evening meal and for the rest of the evening.

My wife and I have stayed at quite a few non naturist B&B's and usually the guests keep to themselves and go to their rooms after the evening meal. At St Brides it was quite different; everybody was friendly and sociable and didn't go off to their rooms. Something to do with the company of like minded folks I think.

If there was a star system for B&B's St Brides deserved at least five, easily the best I have ever visited.

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