St Martin

by Sophia Sunshine
(Medina OH)

My husband and I had been planning the vacation to St Martin for quite a while, we had read and researched the different beaches we wanted to visit while on the island and figured no big deal, we just would have to see people in various amounts of clothing. Other than an occasional private skinny dip once in a while, we usually didnt participate in nudism.

On the third day of our vacation,we packed a cooler and went to Marigot in the morning to see the town and walk the market, afterwards we decided to visit Bay Rouge to spend the later morning and the afternoon relaxing on the beach.

We had some trouble finding the beach, it is not marked well, but when we got there it was like any ordinary beach we had been to before, except the water and landscapes were wonderful.

We enjoyed the beach as usual with swimmimg and some snorkeling. It wasn't until early afternoon while we were swimming that my husband had noticed several women now topless on the beach. I was a little curious, and asked my husband if he would mind if I removed my top, just while we were swimming, he said he didn't mind at all.

Upon leaving the water, I did chicken out and put my top back on. We snorkeled again a short time later, and went out around a small point down from the beach and continued down the water line until we came across a small secluded beach tucked back into the rocks.

I said we should stop to rest as I am not as good of a snorkeler as my husband, although I did have a flotation device with me. We swam into the shore and the little beach was amazing, our own little paradise. I asked my husband if it was ok to be there and he said he remembered reading that all the beaches were public on the island and there shouldnt be a problem.

As we rested, I figured, why not, no one was around, so once again I removed my top. My husband seemed to feel I was enjoying myself as I was. The sun felt so warm and good, that I took the plunge and removed my bottoms also and to my suprise my husband did the same. There we were, both naked on a beach in paradise in the middle of the day. It was the most exhilerating feeling, and both of us were enjoying it.

We remained nude for the next several hours then we swam back to the beach, this time I remained topless when I left the water, the feeling of shyness was no longer there. We gathered our things and left the beach to go have some drinks and dodge some planes at the sunset bar.

We continued to vacation and sight see, and we had planned to visit Orient Bay later in the week since some friends of ours had been there previously and said it was a must see, my husband joked with me and said it would be my big test.

So on friday when we arrived there, we parked near La Playa, and walked the beach down to Club Orient, this is the best beach on the island as it is absolutely beautiful with the bright blue water and white powdery sand. We rented chairs and a umbrella and most of the people were nude or topless.

We went for a swim and I was a little apprehensive at first, since there were so many people on the beach. So my husband removed his trunks and walked out of the water, turned around and said he was waiting for me, and that most of the people here were naked also. I thought about it for a minute, and said for once in my life he was right, I removed my suit and we walked together up the shore to our chairs.

I was so excited, it felt great, no comments, no stares as I thought there would be, I was just like everyone else, nothing to hide. We enjoyed the whole day so much being nude, that we drove back on saturday to spend another day there. Although, the second day, we were nude the entire time.

Since our return to our home we have noticed that we spend a lot more time in the nude around the house, and we have even discussed joining a nudist club in the area where we live. We also plan on returning to St Martin very soon, by the way, we wont be needing the big set of luggage this time.

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Jul 14, 2012
Welcome to You as new naturists.
by: Eli and Al James

Great story of gentle discovery.

Enjoy your nude living and holidays when you can, we do it and now get annoyed at having to dress when on holiday or at home.

Of course we still have to dress for most Dayton day activities like going to work.

Keep it up.

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