Enter the Vritomartis Competition!

Why not try the Vritomartis Competition and have a chance of winning a discount of 25% off your holiday to this fabulous naturist resort on the beautiful island of Crete.

Vritomartis Hotel in the evening

One couple will be the winner, and the discount applies to a naturist holiday in any non offer period.

All you have to do is visit the Vritomartis website and answer the following questions!

Go on! Have some fun and have a go! You have to be in to win!

Click Here to Visit the Vritomartis Website!

1) Which village is Vritomartis located near?

2) What is the maximum number of people that can be accommodated in a Superior Bungalow?

3) How long is the reception open each day?

4) What does the indoor restaurant overlook?

5) How are the staff of Vritomartis described on page 4 of the guestbook?

6) What can be found on an excursion to Preveli?

7) Between what is the village of Aradena situated?

8) What is the approximate area of Crete according to the Vritomartis website?

9) What is the name of the hotel's official naturist beach?

10) In the events photo gallery, what colour shirt is the guitar player wearing on the bottom row of photographs, second photo from the right?

Tie Break Question.

Explain in not more than 20 words why you would like to stay at Vritomartis Hotel and Bungalows.

In the event of the quiz going to a tie break, Nikos, the owner of Vritomartis will have the final decision.

When you have your answers, fill in the form below and send it off for your chance to win this discount holiday at stunning Vritomartis Hotel and Bungalows!


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