Little Beach, Maui

by Johnny
(Salt lake City, Utah, USA)

Living in the USA, travelling to Maui is a little easier than from the UK, but if you ever do get the chance you have to go to Little Beach on the south west shore. This is classed by many in the USA as the best naturist beach there is in the USA.

Little Beach is north of (you guessed it) Big Beach, but to get to Little Beach you head for the most northerly portion of Big Beach and you will come to a craggy area of an old lava flow. Climb the craggy outcrop, an easy climb about 30 feet high even by children, and you will come to a small dune area that drops down onto Little Beach.

Not everyone on the beach are total naturists but you will certainly be one of the very few if you aren't. This beach is frequented by mixed couples, same sex couples, singles, and families of all ages, all enjoying the wonderful temperatures of between 70 and 80 degrees all the year round.

If you only have one day to go to Little Beach I suggest you do it on a Sunday. You will find lots of drumming, and guitar players from about 3:00pm. This lasts until after sun down when there is fire dancing from the locals. It's a spectacular event that you would actually pay to see it, yet it's totally free. Lots of metal hula hoops, and metal structures, with extending rods covered with cloth and doused in kerosene. They light them and dance with them. It's a scene you will carry with you for the rest of your life. The dancing lasts about and hour then you all head for home in the dark, so you need to take with you a flash light (torch) for later, especially to climb back down the rocky outcrop onto Big Beach.

Everyone there honours the sun, so at sundown everyone gathers at the waters edge and applauds the sun, or they sound their conch shells, to honour the sun until it sets, giving thanks for the wonderful day it has given them. You instantly get caught up in the pageantry and spirituality of it and find yourself joining in and clapping.

If you ever get the chance to go please honour the sanctity of this beach by not drinking or smoking. If you do need to smoke please respect those around you and move well away from anyone who is basking in the naturist life of health.

All my time there I never saw anyone that was tipsy, or being abusive in any way, it truly was paradise.


Johnny (ex Brit living in Utah, USA)

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Feb 24, 2008
British visitors to Little Beach, Maui.
by: Seaside Naturist

My wife and I visited Little Beach last April as part of our 25th anniversary holiday. A full report of this holiday is published in BN174 magazine. If you can handle the travel time and jet lag you can fly to Hawaii for as little as £350.

Johnny's report is very accurate.
I would add that it is possible to arrange nude weddings at LB.

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