Morfa Dyffryn, Barmouth, Wales

by Terry
(Staffordshire, England)

I have been a garden naturist for years but felt I would like to branch out. I found on the internet that there was an official naturist beach near Barmouth.

I went there during the miserable 2008 summer but as luck would have it, it was the most gorgeous day (I went home with sunburn because I didn't take any suntan lotion).

I parked in the Dyffryn Seaside Estate, walked through the dunes and turned right. About 400m along the beach is the naturist part.

It is a lovely beach with miles of golden sand. It was full of people so I put my towel down in an empty bit and got my kit off. I thought that I might have been nervous having only done it in my garden but it just felt so right.

I sunbathed, had a wander along the beach and in the dunes in the gorgeous sunshine. Then I eventually plucked up the courage to go in the sea. I thought it was going to be freezing and it was. Well it was cold - but I soon got used to it. The sea was like a sheet of glass - there wasn't a ripple on it. I had about half an hour swimming (there were lots of other people playing/walking in the sea) and went back for more sunbathing.

It was the most enjoyable day and I am looking forward to going back again next year. I will probably go in a caravan with my family. My girlfriend isn't quite a naturist but I am hoping this beach will convert her.

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Jul 23, 2021
Great place
by: NorthernSoul45

I am looking for someone who has a private swimming pool that I can go swimming naked in, in North Wales. Love the beach love the sea just do not like going in the sea.

May 09, 2018
Amazing beach
by: Anonymous

I went to the beach last year with my girlfriend; it was late July and we were the only one's there that day but having made the 2 hour journey we did bare all! So given the good forecast for the bank holiday we decided to go again. It's so liberating.

There were about 50 people on the beach and dunes, most were single males but about 6 or so couples. A few people chatted and said hello.

It is a bit of a walk from the car park (about 20 mins) as people have said; but well worth it. It can get windy so we bring a wind break.

We will go again, definitely.

Apr 29, 2018
Wow amazing beach
by: Nudist Paul

Wow what a wonderful beach it's a bit of a trek to get there but well worth it to walk naked and feel the sun breeze and stunning views. A great vibe here mixed couples. Also a gay section too !!

Don't let that put you off we are all nudists

Enjoy relax keep the beach clean and enjoy

Apr 29, 2018
One the best naturist beaches in UK Wales
by: Naturist smoothie

It's lovely here beautiful views and a excellent day trip midweek not really sure it should have been given official status as nudity is normal and healthy I went here many years ago and it was lovely it still is.
My girlfriend loved it on her first ever visit wonderful.
Beach tent windbreaker essential to enjoy the beach

And ignore the meerkats stay on the beach.

Aug 14, 2016
An amazing beach
by: Sea Blue

I have been going to this beach for a long time now, over the years it has got quieter( perhaps petrol cost for a day trip ) . It is a long stretch of sand, clean , clean water too... usually warm enough in July /Aug...maybe not 2016 summer !!
I park at the dyff hol estate..
Just turn right and about 20 mins will bring you to the ' naturist 1000m stretch( signed)
Do bring a shade/wind break + suntan lotion + eats and plenty of water!!!
I walk further about say 900m of the area,
and it's quiet... not that it's noisy ever on the first bit - just a few more people there

People do say hello,that apart, one can have plenty of sandy area to oneself, and a quiet day.

Good views to Snowdonia and the Lyn Penninsular of clear days. Arrive early and you may see dolphins in the bay ( usually on calm days )

Jun 20, 2016
Best beach in UK
by: Sean

Have been going to Morfa Dyffryn beach for many years. It's such a beautiful long sandy stretch of beach that there is always room for plenty of people.

There always a good mix of people. I'm always envious of the couples as although my wife has come with me on occasions she will only sit just outside the naturist section leaving me to have a naked walk on my own. Ah well such is life !

One thing I would say is avoid the dunes. Lots of meerkats and other stuff going on that really has nothing to do with naturism.

Stay on the beach and you will have a lovely day and will want to return as soon as you can.

Can't recommend it highly enough.

Sep 08, 2015
First time here
by: Matt

Visited for the first time today and had a great time in beautiful weather. As a 20 year old lad on his own, I thought it might feel a bit awkward but despite it being pretty busy you don't have to be too close to others as there's plenty of room.

I'd never been naked in public until today but felt comfortable there and when I was walking along the beach several people said "hi" which was nice. It was a mainly older crowd, would have been nice to have seen a few people closer to my age but nobody bothered me.

Overall it was a great experience and one I will definitely repeat!

Aug 06, 2015
First time
by: Anonymous

Hi. I too visited the nudist beach for the first time last month. As a single male in his mid forties and being fairly local to the beach, I have spent many years wondering what it feels like to be free of all clothing in the open sea air.

After initially walking past the designated area because I didn't see the signs as I was on the shoreline and fully clothed, I walked back and found the area for naturists. After much deliberation, I stopped, undressed and walked calmly to the water. The feeling of the light natural sea breeze and sunshine on normally covered parts of my body was amazing.

I was very conscious of being a single male and wonder what other naturist couples might think of me but ultimately I can't help not having anyone to participate in this with me. I did see other naked males in groups and alone and everyone was very friendly.

I am so looking forward to going back there in a week or two.

Jul 17, 2015
first timers
by: Anonymous

My partner and I took the plunge this week at this beach, it is a bit of a trek,however there is a sign marking the start of the beach. My Partner and I sat before a while before taking the plunge.

It was a warm sunny and windy day, as we both went into the sea.. very nice it was too.

In our section there was a number of single men, and we were worried a little by this.

However my partner and I were very relaxed and dare I say a little sad when we had to dress again to leave.

Jun 08, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hi I have visited this beach several times on my own as my wife won't join me yet. It is a fantastic spot the feeling of being naked and walking along the beach is amazing if you have never tried it you should do it now lol .

Dec 16, 2013
First visit
by: FredShed

We were touring North Wales. I had researched the nudist beach at Morfa Dyffryn. I spotted the turning for the beach by a small chapel. On a scorching hot day, trees at the car park made it very cool. My wife said she was happy to sit by the car and read.

I set off plodding resolutely along the beach towards the nudist section. It must have been about a mile before I saw the first naked body. I was out of my shorts in a flash and walked on until I was among the sunbathers.

Then unencumbered and totally naked I waded into the water. It was very pleasant and not that deep. I sat down and immersed myself before getting up and strolling about for a little among the nude sunbathers.

Immediate impressions: most were couples 40-60 years of age: a few single men; varied skin tones from deep brown through nicely bronzed to pink; sense of joy at feeling so liberated, the pleasure in seeing so many others naked, a naked couple in their seventies, hand in hand walking at the sea’s edge.

I'd like to go back some time.

Jun 25, 2012
Been going for 10 years or more
by: Drew

Love this beach , great views when walking in the surf . Nice folk very friendly , lots of regulars and just a great place to be on a good day . Benar beach campsite has a Naturist section and only 20 mins walk from Naturist beach

May 28, 2012
Not the best ever day, but..

What a day !! Had to take advantage of the exceptionally hot weather, especially as there's a bank holiday approaching (it'll rain of course).

Sandblasted and pebbledashed in the unrelenting wind...but the sea was calm and pleasant and there were loads of crazy folk like us persevering....... but wouldn't have missed it at all.............

Please, please let it be nice this coming weekend.......

Apr 13, 2012
first time
by: Anonymous

Tried it, loved it. Me and wife, beach tent to strip off in private then gained our confidence till we ended walking along the beach and even swimming! So peaceful, so relaxing, so do it!!

Apr 04, 2012
Recent March hot weather
by: Anonymous

...........unfortunately passed us by, we were too busy to go. Did anyone else make it there, if so, love to know what it was like.....

Jan 18, 2012
first timer as well!
by: Mick

Hi Terry from Staffs. It is quite a co incidents that you wrote about being a garden naturist and then your first beach experience was Benar beach.
That is exactly how I branched out into the nudist world last year. Same beach, and got a bit burned. Last year I stayed at the Hendre Mynach caravan, campsite, and drove to the beach on a daily basis. This year I hope to get into the Benar Beach camping and touring park. It is a naturist site so should be good.

Oct 19, 2011
It's a great beach, pity the planes have gone
by: Sun4us

Morfa is a great beach, best in Britain by far, even though the walk to the naurist section can appear quite long and arduous (when weighed down with food, drinks, windbreaks, towels and w.h.y?)

But it's worth it, on a nice sunny warm day there is nothing better. It's a shame in many ways that the MOD site behind the dunes has closed, as it provided some entertainment on weekdays with the radio controlled (pilotless)aircraft taking off and landing, always accompanied by piloted aircraft. Noisy, but worth watching whilst sunbathing.

Rumour has it that moves are afoot to try and turn it into a small regional airport, it would make sense, as the runways and buildings are already there, but if it did happen, would it affect the naturist beach?

Aug 28, 2011
August Bank Holiday weekend

......typical British weather, can anyone remember an August Bank Hol weekend in years when the weather was kind ?

But the area around Dyffryn is quite beautiful, so maybe get to explore a little. This is such a lovely and generally unspoiled part of Wales with stunning scenery. Head inland perhaps, although suspect the opportunities to be naked are somewhat less.....but guess it's time to find out. Need an indoor leisure centre to open its doors to naturists on cooler wet and windy days !!

Still, there's always next weekend, hopeful for a warmer time with a little more sun, sand, sea...and suncream.

Aug 27, 2011
Fantastic day out

Made it at last for a day last week, first time for ages....and what a great day - really warm despite the forecast. Not huge numbers of visitors, but quite busy with the usual mix of ages, couples, families and so on...... and had a great time as usual, a lovely feel to the place

The beach just seems to get better and better, great to be able to wander around so far, and spent ages in the sea too, so clear again.....

Several of the usual faces to be seen, but lots of new ones too, especially good to see more couples.........summer holidaying in the UK again perhaps.

Get a feeling the bank holiday weekend weather will be a washout, but we need another fix soon...

Apr 28, 2011
Twice so far ...............
by: Anonymous

Made it two of the last three weekends so far this lots of others just couldn't miss the splendid early spring sunshine. The sea is still a little chilly, but still managed a swim, does that make us brave or just plain daft ??

Good to see so many like minded people enjoying this great beach - young and old, families and couples. Sun, sea, sand and.......... suncream. And nice to spend time chatting and getting to know the friendly folk there too.

Just a thought - even though there are wide open spaces with room for all, would be so much better if dog owners were a little more considerate and kept their pets under proper control, clearing up after them too; and the sand kiters understood how disconcerting it can be for sunbathers and walkers when they approach quite close and at speed. That's it, grump over, time to chill again.....clearly in need of more time on the beach. Hopefully this weekend looks another good one..

Apr 18, 2011
Love the life.
by: B&D Manchester

Hi there,

My wife and I have been Naturists (I don't like the word Nudists) for many years.

We first stripped off in public on the Greek Island of Skiathos. There are many beaches on Skiathos where the Naturists are in the majority.

As far as Morfa Dyffyn is concerned it is not perfect but better than nothing. One disadvantage is that it is not as hot as Greece even our goose bumps had goose bumps!! Clothing optional beaches are becoming much more common abroad but not so much in the UK. Who would want to wear clothes for swimming?

One bit disadvantage is nudity seems to attract the perverts and can spoil what could be a wonderful day in the sun.

Apr 04, 2011
couple first time
by: Anonymous

Gone nude first time Aug 2010. Set up beach tent and stripped! Absolutley fantastic feeling, addicted, can't wait for good weather 2011. Will try to make friends with others and participate with events etc.

Mar 19, 2011
Saturday 19th March
by: Anonymous

I went there today as it really warm and sunny for the time of year. Was first time on a naturist beach.

Great beach, but didn't like the fact that there were no other naturists whatsoever and within 2 minutes of getting naked, 1 or 2 fully-clothed people lurking in the dunes stood up to get a better look. Surely if they want to see naked guys, they can just go to the local pool changing room? I dressed and left soon after.

Jan 05, 2011
by: garyandsharon

Hi there guys,
Had a great year 2010 on this beach,
I've been coming here since I was 6yrs old and still love the peace and quiet you can have on this beach.

Looking forward to going back 2011 but this year plan on staying there as long as possible.
I will be travelling back to work at weekends as I have all week to enjoy this great beach.

The nude beach is best whether you go nude or not.
We are not nudist but do remove our clothes fairly often and join in with the other nudes there, so does this class us as nudist?
Who cares, we enjoy it.

This part of the beach is best, most people just walk on to the beach at the entrance and just stop and drop.
Which is great for me and the wife.
Love it love it love it

Oct 19, 2010
morfa dyffryn

Well, we went to Morfa on October 9th 2010 . What a great day me, my wife and son had.
There were a lot of nudists there for the time of year.
Can't wait to get on there again next year!

Aug 09, 2010
A Beautiful Day
by: Anonymous

A dubious forecast for yesterday, but as we hadn't been for a while we decided to chance it.......right decision. The weather was beautiful, warm sunshine all day long with no wind to speak of. Relatively few people there for an August weekend, guess the forecast kept casual visitors away...their loss I'd say. Barmouth was unbelievably quiet later on, and this is high season !!

Nothing to do all day except relax, take the rays, do the crossword, sample the odd glass of wine, have an occasional cooling dip, ...and generally have fun.

One sour note - three, yes three mini bus loads of visitors, 40-50 in total parked on the carpark, with adults, toddlers and teenagers, all presumably friends/extended families from the Birmingham area (according to the names on one minibus)left so much rubbish behind all over the carpark......absolutely disgraceful.

....and hopefully the policeman in his marked car almost hidden in the evening shadows with his speed camera just outside Bontddu didn't get us.

Jun 28, 2010
What a day !
by: Anonymous

Great weather, warm sea, the gentlest of breezes, and a fantastic feeling on the beach on Saturday, with more visitors there than we've seen for ages. Superb day. Noticed the campsites near the carpark seemed very busy, and there was a real buzz in Barmouth in the evening. Plenty of "No Vacancy" signs too.

Most enjoyable walk on to the beach, lots of butterflies and rabbits in the dunes, the odd lizard too. Wild flowers of every colour, but showing signs of the dry weather.

The tide had further shelved the beach, with sunbathers spread out all over the flat part above the high tide line, and not just at the bottom of the dunes as usual...... with far fewer meerkats in the dunes than earlier visits....getting the message at last maybe.

Spent the day as usual chilling out, taking the rays on what must be the best naturist beach in Britain (ok, biased maybe), a picnic lunch with obligatory wine helping the day along, feeling very mellow as the sun started to fall...beautiful late afternoon orange hues with the distant Lleyn looking so picturesque. Most enjoyable end to the day, with another couple close by enjoying the relaxed ambiance with us not wanting the day to end either !!

And our first glimpse of a polecat on a roadside verge as we were driving home. Nature and naturism make for a great day out.

Roll on next weekend.......can't wait.

Jun 03, 2010
Bank holiday Monday
by: Anonymous

......made it last Monday, weather great, couldnt believe how few people were there by 10.30am, too many hangovers maybe ?? A splendid warm day with the sea quite warm too, great for swimming with the earlier tides/wind having provided a more shelving beach than usual.
Although it got busier as the day progressed, there were still fewer visitors than expected for a bank holiday.....picnic and vino and quietly chilling out gave a perfect day.
Roll on next weekend, can't wait........

May 26, 2010
What a scorcher !
by: Anonymous

......there last weekend, weather fantastic, the sea warm enough for a decent swim too. Strangely, that was the first time I can remember in 15 years that the beach was so shelved, clearly by the wind/tide, but it made for great swimming.

The beach was quite busy, with lots of families and couples, the young and not so young, the tanned and not so tanned, the slim and not so slim, all enjoying the weather, the ambiance and the great beach.

The occasional police and beach patrol presence seemed quite welcome, certainly fewer meerkats that usual

Bank holiday weekend coming up, guess the weather won't be so kind but still worth another visit.

Getting time for organised games again...... touch rugby or volleyball anyone ?

May 23, 2010
nude in nature
by: natureboy

I've been visiting Morfa for about 6 years now (most recent 22nd May 2010) & it's changed little in that time. It's still a glorious place to spend the day nude & forget your troubles.

Seemed a lot quieter than I'd seen it before - maybe because of the Radio1 weekend bit further up the coast? Or because it was a Saturday & I'd previously been on a Sunday, so maybe that's something to do with it.

Mix of people - started off with more single guys but come the afternoon there was a good mix of couples too.

On the subject of single men (being one myself) we seem to get a bit of bad press at Morfa as if being there alone makes you an 'undesirable' or something - whatever that means.
I've only ever had one partner who would've even considered visiting a nude beach so if we go alone don't be so quick to judge. I think the problem is more down to the reserved British womanfolk not wanting to bare all. So come on girls - lets see you there.

I'd also have to say I've NEVER seen any overt sexual activity on the beach or the in dunes come to that.

And on that subject, I really don't know what it is with naturists and sex. (THOU SHALT NOT BE AROUSED!) I find (as I'm sure many do) being naked in such a vast, beautiful area with the sun and wind on your body an intensely sensuous experience & yes, sometimes when sunbathing I might get an part erection. Big deal. I don't think it makes me a pervert.

The Nature Reserve - has any body any comments on this area?
I managed to walk some distance towards the airstrip and didn't see a soul. (I kept to the obvious paths & trails as not to disturb anything). I suspect these dunes (immediately behind the naturist section) isn't frequented by large groups of ramblers/nature lovers etc for fear of - god forbid - coming across a naked person, but maybe someone can put me straight on this.

In any case, I would've hated to have offended anybody and would have beat a hasty retreat had I seen anyone approaching but it does seem to me that the council are really missing a trick not actively encouraging nude use of this (immediate) area as walking through it naked was very special and a real enhancement of the nude-in-nature experience.

Apr 15, 2010
Made it........
by: Anonymous

..on Saturday 10 April, a really pleasant first visit of the year. Quite quiet as expected, tranquil in fact. Mainly couples, just one family group, and the usual meerkats in the dunes....get a life for goodness sake.
No breeze, good sunshine but a very cold sea.........hats off to the brave few who got more than just their toes wet. Seem to be more pebbles and shells along the beach than in previous years.

And the best bit...........nearly every roadside verge, roundabout, hedgerow, garden, and flowerbed seen during the journey across via Ruthin and Bala an absolute joyous riot of yellow with daffodils in bloom everywhere.

One cautionary note...the ever present police speed trap as you join the A496 at Llanelltyd along the estuary.....don't say you haven't been warned

Apr 09, 2010
First of the year
by: Anonymous

Weather looks ok for this Sat, 10th think we might just try a visit.. so looking forward to seeing the sun again.........

Sep 21, 2009
Pleasant late in the season
by: Anonymous

Managed a day trip each of the last two weekends......the weather was very kind - warm sunshine, just the gentlest of breezes and a still warm sea. Don't be fooled, still definitely need the suntan lotion.

Quite a bit quieter this late in the season, little to do but sunbathe, take a stroll, read the papers, swim and enjoy a picnic.

The meerkats must have been so bored !

Aug 17, 2009
Great place
by: Anonymous

Great beach, enjoy the sun, the sea and the scenery,a great place to chill. Take a picnic, a bottle of wine and enjoy. Good way to meet like-minded people.......... and have fun. Just need to ignore the meerkats on top of the dunes.....and beware the occasional idiots on sand-kites who travel far too fast and close to sunbathers.

Hope to be there Aug 22/23 if the weather is good. Rumour has it there may be volleyball or rounders organised during the day.

Jul 29, 2009
Morfa Dyffryn
by: Daytripper Stripper

Been there the past couple of years, great beach, and dunes. The wind can sandblast you though,(ouch!) probably why some have wind breaks.
We wanted to go around 23rd July 09 but work and weather prohibited it. (Hope to get there in September) Did anyone go and what was the weather like?
Mind you we have had some good days there even in bad weather it can be quite changeable on that coast.

Jul 14, 2009
Seems great
by: nwcpl

Seems a nice place.....We are both going to try it this weekend......First time

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