Opoutere Beach, New Zealand

by Duncan

Opoutere Beach

Opoutere Beach

This beach is just off State Highway 25 between the Bay of Plenty and Coramandel. It's about a 2 hour drive south of Auckland.

There is a car park with toilet facilities. From there a path leads through a pine wood onto the beach, about 10 minutes walk. The area to the right, including the beach, is a reserve for an endangered small wading bird, the New Zealand Dotterel. This confused me a bit as I have only ever seen our UK dotterels high up on mountains.

Opoutere is a beautiful wide beach, sheltered by the trees, with shapely islands offshore. The sand slopes gently into the sea, (actually, the Pacific I suppose), and as far out into the water as we went, the bottom was entirely sand.

Can't go without recommending the superb naturist campsite at Kati Kati, about an hour to the south, too.

Alas it's so far away I'm unlikely ever to get back there, but if you have the chance, go New Zealand and enjoy the wonderful, empty sub-tropical beaches of the North Island.

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Jan 01, 2022
Stunning nudist beach
by: Anonymous

Opoutere does not need bad PR
As a fellow local residents we fully support the free use of the beach by anyone.
All of the forums that mention Opoutere Beach as an ideal nudist location appear to have been targeted by the same anti nudist who has too much time on their hands.
Opoutere Beach is stunning and is large enough to accommodate everyone.

Jan 31, 2021

1. There is no stature law or case law that prevents the use of the beach by nudists.
2. Next time I visit you are welcome to take my photo. That would be an honor.
3. I go there annually and have been harrassed only once by several females who said they would call the police. My response was be my guest.
would love some feedback on how you intend to prevent nude use. Please read the law books and NZs statute law [ The Bill of Rights ].
Additionally families use is no defence; nudist families also use the beach.
We will have to live with each other.

Jun 23, 2020
Opoutere Beach
by: Anonymous

Hi Ano,
Great to hear the good news about this beach. It's a lovely beach and we were planning to go there again no way to the Coromandel this year.
However you know what happened in the world, no flights to NZ !!

Jun 20, 2020
by: Anonymous

The person that posted information about locals not wanting naturists at Opoutere is ridiculous and totally untrue.

We are locals and we have many friends here and we enjoy our naturist lifestyle here at Opoutere. There are also naturist families with children who use the beach - it is a perfect environment for naturist children.

As for the police taking action? Well, good luck with that. We have a naturist friend in Tauranga who visits in the summer and guess what - he's a police officer!

There is no law in New Zealand that forbids being naked in public, so long as you do not behave in an obscene or lewd manner, and provided yopu are naked in an appropriate setting - i.e. NOT the main street of town!

Enjoy Opoutere - it's a naturist paradise.

Feb 22, 2020
Not naturist beach
by: Anonymous

Please beware! We have recently received this communication from a local resident!


It would be great if you would print my comments.

As a permanent resident of Opoutere beach I wish to inform you that it is now a busy family friendly beach with lots of young children playing on it.

It is not now suitable for naturists and we will be forwarding photographs of people not respecting this to the police. Thank you

Feb 17, 2019
Nudist Paradise
by: Anonymous

This is the best 'clothing optional 'beach in New Zealand. From the carpark or camping ground, follow the track to the beach, facing the beach turn left and walk until away from the textiles, approximately 2-300 metres. From there onwards,to the Northern end of the beach, you can go nude. It is a naturist paradise! Walk, swim, bathe .The only thing you will have on is a smile!!

Nov 21, 2010
Oputere Beach in January 2010
by: René Ramon

After a long trip from Whakatane along the coast to The Coromandel we stopped at Oputere Beach for a lunch time snack. We took the opportunely to walk along the beach for about 30-40 minutes but most of the other visitors were textiles and we didn't stay long and travelled on to The Hidden Valley on Road 309 in the Coromandel. So we were somewhat disappointed about our first NZ nude walk-about.

Sep 20, 2009
Great beach to be....
by: R Ramon

Big thank you to Duncan for this info. My wife and I are visiting The Coromandel area in January 2010, and although I heard about this beach, will check it out. I've already contacted the nearest camp site for info.
Thank you, RR

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